My JYJ Story Part 1

As per request from my fellow Chunsas, i want to share my JYJ (Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, Jun Su) fan girl story to all of you. Hopefuly my story won’t bring hurt feeling for the reader. Just read it with open heart and minded. If you want to say something regarding my story, feel free to inform me ..

Happy read, guys and please forgive my terrible, horrible and bad English…

Here we go…

Being a JYJ fans is one of unpredictable things in my so called life. No wonder, because I’m more into K-drama than K-Pop world. I have no idea, what is K-Pop music. I do listening some K-drama soundtracks but i don’t know is it counted as K-Pop or not. After all, these three magnificent boys is swimming under my radar for years. That’s why it’s pretty hard for me to recognize their talents.

I’ve become their fans at my 30’s… I know it’s late. But hey, wise men said… better late than never…  The reason, why I’m late because it took a very long time and lot of considerations, before I decided to become a fan of these three talented young men. If i have to describe the process, it’s like choosing a men to become your boyfriend/husband. You have to make sure that he’s more than good looking.  The other reason is … I’m a Librarian girl and we all know the habit of some Librarian people, always full of considerations .. Yes, I know… it sounds weird and funny. But, guys.. that’s the truth..

To be honest, my journey about JYJ is started from DBSK. I believe some of us have the same experience. However, I won’t share that part in this thread. It’s a sensitive issue and it’s better to keep it for myself for this moment.

I still remember, when i read JYJ article for the first time. It was in Indonesian tabloid. It’s an article about their upcoming concert in Indonesia. However, I don’t pay any attention because I’m not their fan. I have a negative POV about K-boyband. So, it’s really hard for me to become fan of K-boyband. Believe me, guys. It’s very hard.

My POV hasn’t change when i read an article about Sungkyunkwan Scandal in famous K-drama blogger. The article said, Park Yoo Chun will act in K-drama for the first time and it’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal. My first reaction was, hey… i know this boy.. he’s a former DBSK member. A questions pop in: can he act? Some of comments in those blog is persuading me and makes me believe that idol can’t act. They just got the advantage because of their idol status and i believe that. So, when the drama aired, i never have any interest to watch it. Not even read the recaps (silly me… lol)..

However, i can’t run from Yoo Chun forever .. Yeah, he’s chasing me anywere i go….  Everything change at the beginning of 2011. As a regular visit of that K-Drama blog, i can’t take my eyes from Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKKS) article. That drama is really popular among the blog visitors and they keep talking about that. It’s “bothering” me in a good way. So, ladies.. finally i decided to give a big try to watch that drama…

And it’s not wrong decision. That drama is really good. I watch that drama completely less than one week… (really impressive, how about missing you? Have you move on from ep. 7?)  .. I’m quite surprise when i see Yoo Chun acting. I’m trying to be objective here, ladies. Yoo Chun acting it’s not extraordinary, but it’s not bad either..  He’s good as a rookie..  If some of you read the novel,  you might think that Lee Seon Jeon is like Joseon Yoo Chun version,  so i can’t imagine if Lee Seon Jeon portrayed by other actors. Lee Seon Jeon is destined to be portrayed by Yoo Chun himself.

Enough about Yoo Chun (sorry dear, it’s JYJ turn right now) … SKKS has special in my heart. Why so? It’s because this drama bring me closer to JYJ.

The best thing about SKKS (beside the storyline and the characters) is the soundtracks. Gosh, the soundtracks is so beautiful and romantic. The voice behind that songs, is so good. Usually, i don’t care about the ost singers. But not with SKKS. The voice is too good to forget and I know it was JYJ behind those three wonderful SKKS soundtracks. Chajatta (Found You) by JYJ, Too Love by Jun Su and For You It’s Separation, For Me It’s Waiting by Jae Joong.

Those songs makes me want to know the singers deeper. To be honest, I do know who they are, but it’s only a little. During the searching period (thanks to uncle Google and aunt Wiki), i find out the real story about JYJ. I finally found the story of the lawsuit, the banned and all the rumours surround them. Those articles really broke my heart especially the part when they fight for their rights, the part when their leave the agency with nothing, the part when they are banned and blocked because of irrational reasons, the part when they asked to be performed in some events but it was cancelled suddenly and many more. I’m not their fan but it hurts me deep inside.

Okay, enough with the sad part, let’s move on to the best thing about JYJ. The best part that makes me fall in love with the three of them. I’m impressed with their vocals harmonization, their ability to create their own songs, their strong characters and their good personalities. Talking about strong characters, i believe it was formed during their difficulties moments and I admiring them because of that.

By looking at their past, following their current situation, understanding their obstacles, learning about their talents and personalities, finally i decided to become a Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, Junsu FAN 

I’ve know and realize what kind of things will be happen in the future if I choose JYJ. My beautiful and kind heart might get hurt.  But ladies, to be honest,  i don’t care about that. That’s not bothering me at all. For me personally, being a JYJ fan is just like an adventure. You will never know what will happen and I like that.

Another reason why I decide to become a JYJ fan is because I learn a lot from them. I got more than good music from them and here’s what i got as a JYJ fan: their courage to decide and take a risk is inspiring me, no matter how hard your situations, talents will help you to survive, obstacles will make you stronger and more creative, hardships will help to improve your character and makes you become more mature as individual, support from fans, family and friends become one of the greatest strength to face the hardship and always work hard to be the best.

My final words about JYJ.

I won’t close my eyes about their past as a former member of DBSK. I respecting their past and we can’t change it. I prefer to keep it as a good memories.

As a JYJ fan:  I prefer to see them from a far away with happy face and proud smile when they reach the best or the highest level of their career and stand very close to them, when they facing hardships and tell them, they have my fully support.

I might be not the best fan, but I’m trying to be the good one.


~ by Yuya_Chan on March 30, 2013.

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